The incorporation

Dear customers!

First of all, I would like on behalf of the Export-Import Joint Stock Company Neolink sent to customers greeting respect and wishes for health and success.

MRO is the business model first appeared in the US and so far been replicated by many countries in the world. What is MRO items? MRO items are varied and served most customer needs, from office supplies, toner, cleanser map … until the equipment, industrial machinery.

In 2012, with the arrival of foreign factories in Vietnam, Neolink Import Export Joint Stock Company was established with the initial goal is to provide service model has been very successful in serving overseas factories and customers are foreign enterprises in Vietnam. However, with the economic development of the domestic market, domestic enterprises gradually towards the Vietnamese service superiority. Accordingly Neolink customer network has gradually expanded state agencies such as Vietnam VCCI industrial rooms, government offices, parliament, corporations such as post and telecommunications group VNPT Group, Oil air, the embassies of countries: South Korea Embassy, Embassy of Japan, Korea tourism Organization …

Not only in the urban area of Hanoi, Neolink partners provide stationery for plants located in neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen, Hai Phong, Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh …

Neolink committed to bringing our customers satisfaction by high quality products, timely delivery and the most reasonable price.

On behalf of the Export-Import Joint Stock Company Neolink, I sincerely thank our customers trust and cooperate with us in recent years. Hope Neolink will contribute a small part to the success of customers.

About the company


Company Name: Corporation Import Export Neolink
International transaction name: NEOLINK IMPORT EXPORT CORPORATION
Abbreviated company name: NEOLINK., CORP
Head office address: No. 32, Alley 16, Lane 10, Lang Ha Street, Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Trading office address: KT Floor, Tower B, Sky city, 88 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da, Hanoi
Phone: 043 774 1626/1636
Branch in Ho Chi Minh City: 5th Floor, VNPT Building, 42 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 3, HCMC.
Phone: 08 38246333
Email: /
VND Account Number: 700-002-742350 at Shinhan Bank Vietnam – Tran Duy Hung branch
Business registration number: 0106317913 by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi on 25 May 09, 2013.


We strive towards the goal of sustainable development and become a leading company of Vietnam in the field of retail distribution will be expanded based on the branch and retail chain related products for office , offices, factories, enterprises, schools, business sector, non-governmental organizations and foreign enterprises ….
Based on the company’s own internal resources and the expansion of cooperation with the company, the distribution and retail corporations at home and abroad, we will bring to the product and the best service to customers, bringing profits for shareholders, for personal career members and the prosperity of the country in general.
We built a team with discipline, a sense of unity, dynamic creative in thinking and action. We developed a platform based on workflow according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2000, advanced management system and computerization of professional high level in order to minimize transfer time between the stages in business activities.

Commitment to customer

1. Sales policy.
-Neolink Committed only genuine commodity business, 100% new. The company does business products are fake, shoddy goods, goods of unknown origin, the used goods. All imported goods are imported through one of the designated distributor of its official, have entitled the manufacturer’s warranty
– With all the products on the list of companies offering, commitment to business Neolink products to ensure good quality, popular commitment to changing market truong.Neolink return otherwise meet use of customer demand.
2. Competitive Prices
With public pricing policy, the latest quotes to customers, Neolink committed to a most competitive prices for all products the company sold. In the case of customer information to companies about the price issue, the company will seriously receptive to ensure the same kind of products, with a quality of goods and with warranty, after-sales , after-sales service … then there NEOLINK at most reasonable prices.
3. Listed prices and bills
All products sold are inclusive of VAT at 10% VAT. All products sold at the company are VAT invoices to customers. The Company will issue a VAT invoice to the customer upon receipt of invoice 100% and delivered product to customers.
4. Payment Methods
Neolink forms of payment are cash, check or bank transfer. Currencies accepted for payment is VND or USD.
5. Product Information
For technical information as well as prices of products, our customers ordering please contact us by email: or by phone 043 774 1626/1636
6. Protecting private information of customers
For personal information as well as information on the purchase of goods by the customer done with Import Export Joint Stock Company Neolink directly through the company website or on any other form of contact will be Neolink cam the confidentiality of information, not-for-sale disclosure for 3rd party except:
– Due to state agencies with authority to direct requests disclosure
– In case Neolink specify conditions promote goods that are permitted to use personal information and pictures of our clients.
7. Right to change
Neolink reserves the right to change the rules in the sales policy In any case there is a change, the change will apply to goods sold since there is a change in policies sold hang.Cac goods sold prior to change the policy still applies at the time of sale you purchase